Legal Disclaimer: In strict compliance with international data protection regulations and US/GDPR legal standards, our organization hereby declares that we do not retain, store, or archive any form of data, including, but not limited to, images, pictures, URLs, digital footprints of visits, logs, user interactions, and any other form of data generated or transmitted to our digital platform. Our policy and practice are to ensure the complete and irreversible destruction of all such data, encompassing every category and type. This process is executed immediately following the user's interaction with our services, without any undue delay. The data elimination process includes a comprehensive 25-pass overwrite protocol, followed by a systematic renaming and the final removal of all data remnants from our systems. This rigorous and all-encompassing process is in place to guarantee the utmost confidentiality and privacy of our users, adhering strictly to the highest standards of data protection and privacy laws. We are steadfastly committed to maintaining unwavering respect for user privacy and the integrity of our digital interactions, ensuring that all user data, without exception, is treated with the highest level of confidentiality and security.